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News and Events - The Researchers from the Safety and Emergency Lab Got the First Place in “Data Collection” Category in EWSN 2019 Dependability Competition - Member of CAS and Vice President of CAST Wang Xi Assumes Presidency of Science Council of Asia - Belt and Road Science Alliance Launched in Beijing   Search
Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as SARI), is a research institute jointly established by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Shanghai Municipal government. Located at CAS Shanghai Pudong Science and Technology Park in Pudong New District, SARI covers five research areas, namely, Frontier Studies and Advanced Materials, more>>
The Researchers from the Safety and Emergency Lab Got the First Place in “Data Collection” Category in EWSN 2019 Dependability Competition
    The 16th International Conference on Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks, EWSN 2019, was held in Beijing. Prof. Dr. Jianming Wei’s group, the Safety and Emergency Laboratory from the Intelligence Information Communication Technology Research and Development Center, SARI, took part in the EWSN 2019 Dependability Competition and won the first place in “Data Collection” C...
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Hybrid Energy System Proposed for a Coal-Based Chemical Indu... (2018/03/15)
Researchers Develop New Electrocatalysts to Convert CO2 into... (2017/08/29)
A Big Step Forward in Greenhouse Gas Conversion (2017/08/15)
CO2-to-Acrylate: a Dream Reaction for 40 years (2017/08/14)
Researchers Find New Approach to Convert CO2 Directly into G... (2017/06/14)
Research Result on Direct Production of Lower Olefins from S... (2016/10/11)
Merck Leadership Visited SARI (2018/06/08)
China-EU Green and Smart Energy Cooperation Symposium Held i... (2018/04/27)
SARI Participates in the 2018 China International Low Carbon... (2018/05/29)
Chinese Academy of Sciences Sets up Innovation Center in Ban... (2017/12/11)
SARI-ShanghaiTech International Summer Camp Held Successfully (2017/08/08)
China-EU Smart Grid Symposium Aims High for Cooperation (2017/06/05)
 15th International Conference on Carbon(ICCDU XV) (12/27)
 Asian Congress on Gas Turbines (ACGT-2016)-2nd Call for Papers (3/25)
 Happy Chinese New Year (2/04)
 Announcement for Academic Lecture (9/14)
 Job Opennings at Service Science Lab (12/03)
 Job Openning at Research Center for Thin Film Opto-Electronic Engineering (12/03)
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Branch
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葫芦娃安卓版下载 Copyright 2011 Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences J ICP No. 05002857
      Address: No.99 Haike Road, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Pudong Shanghai
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